1403, 2019

Why being Vegan sucks!

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Why being vegan sucks! I have been vegan for almost a year. Strictly since January 2019. Before that I ate everything, but in recent years I have been consuming less and less animal products and since my mother has been a vegetarian for over 15 years, I grew up in a vegetarian household where there was very little meat , We had fish sometimes but that was it. But early in our household the healthy and balanced diet was an important part. Buy organic products, little pastiche, regional and above all sustainable and seasonal. These are some of the principles that I learned about in part from my mother, but also followed up after my accident. For good, sustainable and organic products, I like to spend more money. And in recent years, organic products have actually [...]

703, 2019


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Anxiety Anxiety is an emotion that affects us all in some way. For example, agoraphobia - the Anxiety of wide places - claustrophobia, acrophobia - Anxiety of heights or emetophobia - Anxiety of having to throw up. Through our social environment - that is, how we grow up - we already get certain Anxietys drummed in as a young person. These Anxietys can continue to evolve over the course of life. Even to the extent that you can not do certain things anymore, can not leave the house, or just try to go through life as risk-free and carefully as possible. It can happen that we no longer exhaust our lives, but just wait and see. Why do I devote myself to Anxiety? Because Anxiety is a big part of my current life. Due to my [...]

3101, 2019

This is my story

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This is my story. Many who know me know that I have a disability. 8 years ago, on January 28, 2011, I had a serious accident in an operation in Linz. How did that happen? Good question. Let's jump back a little further. May 2010: I finished my civil service and had the Matura in my pocket. What now? I asked myself this question every day. In the summer I worked for the community Gallneukirchen and for my uncle, with whom I built a warehouse. For fall 2010, I had no plans. Studying was out of the question, there simply was not enough money, my mother moved away and my father hardly supported us financially. I love my parents and I do not want to give the impression that they were not there for me and [...]

1201, 2019

A new start

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A new start ... ... is never easy. At the beginning there is also an end hidden. The end can be a lot. The completion of the school, study, a notice or a move. We all start in life several times anew and this is something very beautiful. If we stopped in one place, we would not change and we would completely waste our existence. The change and thus a beginning, something new, is a natural process that everyone goes through several times in life. Nevertheless, this process also raises questions. Questions that are rectified, but also questions whose origins are usually doubt, fear or uncertainty. These questions can be for example: Can I do that? Am I ready? Was that maybe a mistake? What if I fail? Questions like these are part of every beginning. However, you should [...]

301, 2019

Article in local newspaper

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Start into a new year Now that the new year is really starting and we are well rested and energetic after the holidays, I can not wait to see what happens in 2019. The fact that I now have my own company and that it is already starting in 2019 with great projects and new contacts from 2018 makes me proud. 2018 was an interesting year. After graduating from the FH in Hagenberg I was looking for the right job for the first time but more and more people approached me to take over their projects. Also, through referrals from friends and other customers, there were more and more orders. That's how the idea of ​​self-employment was born. The idea became concrete plans and suddenly it was just a question of time. At the same time, I also work [...]

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