My name is Wolfgang Kern and I am a professional Videographer, web-designer and designer. Currently I am living in Linz / Upperaustria and I studied Mediatechnology and Design and Digital Arts at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Hagenberg. My love for film, motion pictures and everything around moving frames, made me passionate about my job. Furthermore I breath design and I love to fill my work day with creative tasks and challenges. As a motion picture professional I can fulfill your wishes.

Why do you need me?

Simple answer: You don’t! But because of my combined skill set, my knowledge, my broad spectrum of things I can do for you, you want me. Therefore I can produce simple, but nice content in less than a day, be a Videographer at events, openings or presentations, plan a complicated shoot from pre- to post-production, make an engaging image or product film for your company and much more. As a Videographer I am fast and flexible for small and bigger productions ready for you.

If you like my work, need more information or have any other questions, feel free to contact me or visit my social media pages.


I develop, produce and create moving, attractive and attractive product videos, image films and more for you and your company. For small productions I can come alone and do the shoot.

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Website making is not just a hobby, it's fun. Not only do I host your page, I'm programming and creating the design, but I also care about this DSVGO compliant, the Google ranking, and the SEO.

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I love design and try to embody it in my design-related work. From simple logo designs, logo animations, CD, CI, and all my web design work, your story becomes visible.

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Recent Works


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Warum es hart ist, vegan zu sein. Ich ernähre mich seit knapp ein Jahr vegan. Strikt seit Jänner 2019. Davor aß ich alles, wobei in den letzten Jahren nahm ich immer [...]


Anxiety Angst ist eine Emotion, die uns alle in irgendeiner Form betrifft. Sei es zum Beispiel Agoraphobie – die Angst vor weiten Plätzen – Klaustrophobie, Akrophobie – die Höhenangst oder die [...]