A new start …

… is never easy. At the beginning there is also an end hidden. The end can be a lot. The completion of the school, study, a notice or a move. We all start in life several times anew and this is something very beautiful. If we stopped in one place, we would not change and we would completely waste our existence. The change and thus a beginning, something new, is a natural process that everyone goes through several times in life.

Nevertheless, this process also raises questions. Questions that are rectified, but also questions whose origins are usually doubt, fear or uncertainty. These questions can be for example: Can I do that? Am I ready? Was that maybe a mistake? What if I fail? Questions like these are part of every beginning. However, you should not give them too much attention as these doubts will otherwise grow and prevent one from being productive and positive. But how do you avoid that?

Look ahead and walk step by step. Who stops, has already lost. An old adage “Who does not dare, who does not win!” Describes it very simple and precise. Every beginning can and will end in success. And every success is the result of some failures. Every successful personality has its own experience of failure and failure. No matter who you ask, there is no story of success in which everything went smoothly right away. This idea that everything has to work immediately and in a flash is nonsense and unrealistic. Only by failures one learns and one knows, how one can avoid these in the future.

The question is, why do I write it all? Very easily. I am currently right at the beginning. I started my own company because I trust my skills and I’m sure there are many people who can benefit from them. I do not want to get rich nor famous, I just want to do what I like to do. I want to keep working and getting better every day. I want to put my heart into projects for my client and I want these projects to appeal to my customers, their customers and many other people.