Project Description

Corporate Intro Video

An intro video is important to establish a brand through video. Many companies work with intro or outro sequences. Since I started the video department for ITPRO , the mandate to step up video marketing was the first step to create an intro sequence for each video. The video should not only highlight the brand, but make it recognizable through certain images and sounds. When you think of brands like BMW, McDonalds or Coca Cola, you immediately hear slogans and music. An outro sequence also exists, which is mainly used for short social media videos to keep the video short.

Since ITPRO is increasingly working on IT solutions for logistics, transport and public transport, the connection to the images in the intro was immediately given. The focus was on traffic and transport. Work was done exclusively with free stock material. The simple yet elegant logo animation at the end underscores the brand, making ITPRO immediately more recognizable.